Math Yoga is a learning/sharing oasis!

Although the physical storefront is no longer open, please use this site to gather ideas for your own adventure!!

1) Math Yoga is  a Specialty Retail Store with unique and meaningful gifts.

Math Literature is available for all concepts and grade levels.

Manipulatives, puzzles, games, appropriate software, math music CDs,  calculators, math pins and MORE!!

Yoga gifts, readings and music.

Teacher/parent/student  resources & enrichment.

2) Math Yoga has an on-sight constructivist classroom. All concepts are delivered via building, drawing and explaining.

The MEANING of mathematical concepts will be  explored and understood.

Field Trips are encouraged and available.
Adults and students of all ages welcome.
Parents come with your children; teachers come with your students.

Concept nights for teachers across the area available.
Come talk with other 3rd grade teachers from other schools and districts.

Family Math Nights and Saturday Afternoons coming too!!

3) Math Yoga offers tutoring for all ages and concepts. Tutors are available through Calculus II.

Book your appointment and breathe.

4) Math Yoga has a Meditation Room that you are able to sign out for 30 minutes.

Come relax and recharge.

5) Consulting is also available for districts, businesses and organizations.

We look forward to learning with your soon!

Have a marvelous day!

Mathematically yours,

Mary Zeppelin and Math Yoga


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