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Understand the Meaning of Mathematics via:

The following Videos now available using “Mary Zeppelin Math”   on U-Tube and i-Tunes U

  1. Patterning with Unifix Cubes AB
  2. Patterning with Pattern Blocks ABB
  3. Pattern Blocks – Polygons
  4. Pattern Blocks – Regular and Irregular Polygons
  5. Pattern Blocks – Tessellations
  6. Pattern Blocks – Fractions
  7. Fraction Bars – Identifying Fractions
  8. Fraction Bars – Equivalence Using Wholes
  9. Fraction Bars – Equivalence Using Halves
  10. Fraction Bars – Common Denominators
  11. Fraction Bars – Comparison
  12. Fraction Bars – Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions
  13. Fraction Bars – Multiplication
  14. Fraction Bars – Division
  15. Fraction Bars – Addition
  16. Fraction Bars – Subtraction

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OU Student-Created Math Tests Based on GLCE’s (K-8) and the new Common Core Standards

Dear Colleagues,

The Assessment documents you are viewing based on the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations and the new Common Core Curriculum Standards, were made possible by the pre-service teachers in Mary Zeppelin’s Math Methods courses over several years. They were created using Backwards Design, peer editing and peer test taking with an emphasis on Constructivist Learning. Each assessment requires the use of manipulatives; Building, Drawing and Explaining the various math concepts. All should be scored using partial credit. All should provide you with an excellent opportunity to assess the concept UNDERSTANDING of your students. You should be able to discover the Error Patterns of your students as well as the misconceptions they may have. I have included the rubric for this assignment so that you too can create appropriate assessments for your students for GLCEs that may not be covered here. The Crosswalk on MiCTM site will link GLCE’s to Common Core Standards. Share!!
Grade GLCE Name Common Core State Standards
Kindergarten G.GS.00.02 K.PR.1
Kindergarten G.GS.00.02 and M.UN.01.04 K.CC.3
Kindergarten G.GS.00.02 Part I
Kindergarten G.GS.00.02 Part II
Kindergarten G.GS.00.02, D.RE.01.01, D.RE.01.02 and D.RE.01.03
Kindergarten G.GS.00.02, D.RE.01.01, D.RE.01.02 and D.RE.01.03
Kindergarten G.GS.00.03
Kindergarten G.GS.00.03
Kindergarten G.GS.00.03
Kindergarten M.PS.00.05
Kindergarten M.TE.00.02 , M.UN.00.03
Kindergarten M.UN.00.04
Kindergarten N.ME.00.01 and N.ME.00.06
Kindergarten N.ME.00.02 & N.ME.00.03
Kindergarten N.ME.00.04
Kindergarten N.ME.00.05
Kindergarten N.MR.00.08
Kindergarten N.MR.00.10 and G.GS.00.03
1st Grade D.RE.01.01 1.0A.1
1st Grade G.GS.01.01 1.0.A,  1.0A
1st Grade G.LO.01.02 1.MD.2
1st Grade G.SR.01.03, G.SR.01.04 1.NBT.21.NBT.2
1st Grade G.SR.01.03-05
1st Grade G.SR.01.03-06
1st Grade M.UN.01.02
1st Grade M.UN.01.03
1st Grade M.UN.01.03
1st Grade M.UN.01.04, M.UN.01.05
1st Grade M.UN.01.06, M.PS.01.07
1st Grade N.FL.01.12
1st Grade N.FL.01.16
1st Grade N.M.01.02, N.ME.01.04, & M.PS.01.08
1st Grade N.ME.01.01, N.ME.01.02, N.ME.01.03
1st Grade N.ME.01.04, N.ME.01.05, N.ME.01.06, N.MR.01.10
1st Grade N.ME.01.07 and N.MR.01.10
1st Grade N.ME.01.08, N.FL.01.12, N.MR.01.13
1st Grade N.MR.01.10, N.FL.01.12, N.FL.01.14, N.FL.01.15
1st Grade N.MR.01.10a
1st Grade N.MR.01.10b
2nd Grade D.RE.02.03 2.MD.5, 2.MD.7
2nd Grade G.GS.02.01, G.GS.02.02 and G.TR.02.06 2.NBT.3, 2.NBT.52.NBT.6
2nd Grade M.PS.02.10 2.OA.2
2nd Grade M.UN.02.01
2nd Grade M.UN.02.05 and M.UN.02.06a
2nd Grade M.UN.02.05 and M.UN.02.06b
2nd Grade M.UN.02.07, M.PS.02.08
2nd Grade M.UN.02.07, M.UN.02.08
2nd Grade M.UN.02.09
2nd Grade N.FL.02.10
2nd Grade N.ME.02.03
2nd Grade N.ME.02.05
2nd Grade N.ME.02.19
2nd Grade N.ME.02.19
2nd Grade N.ME.02.19
2nd Grade N.ME.02.20-22
2nd Grade N.MR.02.07, N.MR.02.09
2nd Grade N.MR.02.08
2nd Grade N.MR.02.09
2nd Grade N.MR.02.09, N.FL.02.10
2nd Grade N.MR.02.09, N.FL.02.10(2)
2nd Grade N.MR.02.15
3rd Grade D.RE.03.01, D.RE.03.02 and D.RE.03.03 3.MD.1
3rd Grade G.GS.03.01, G.GS.03.02A 3.NBT.3
3rd Grade G.GS.03.04 3.NF.3
3rd Grade G.GS.03.06 3.G.1 and 3.G.2
3rd Grade M.PS.03.11
3rd Grade M.PS.03.12
3rd Grade M.UN.03.01 and M.PS.03.12
3rd Grade M.UN.03.01, M.UN.03.02
3rd Grade M.UN.03.01,M.UN.03.03, M.UN.03.05
3rd Grade M.UN.03.05, M.UN.03.06, M.UN.03.07
3rd Grade M.UN.03.06
3rd Grade N.E.03.04
3rd Grade N.FL.03.06
3rd Grade N.FL.03.11
3rd Grade N.ME.03.01
3rd Grade N.ME.03.02
3rd Grade N.ME.03.05
3rd Grade N.ME.03.16 and N.ME.03.17
3rd Grade N.ME.03.17
3rd Grade N.ME.03.21
3rd Grade N.MR.03.09
3rd Grade N.MR.03.09 and N.MR.03.12
3rd Grade N.MR.03.10 and N.FL.03.11
3rd Grade N.MR.03.14
3rd Grade N.MR.03.14
4th Grade D.RE.04.01, D.RE.04.03 4.G.1, 4.G.2, 4.G.3
4th Grade M.TE.04.07, M.TE.04.08 40A.2,4.NBT.1,4.NBT.6
4th Grade M.UN.04.01 and M.TE.04.05
4th Grade N.FL.04.08
4th Grade N.FL.04.10
4th Grade N.FL.04.11 and N.FL.04.13
4th Grade N.FL.04.11, N.MR.04.14
4th Grade N.FL.04.12
4th Grade N.ME.04.01 & N.ME.04.02
4th Grade N.ME.04.09, N.FL.04.10, N.FL.04.11, N.MR.04.13, N.MR.04.14
4th Grade N.ME.04.20
4th Grade N.ME.04.20, N.MR.04.21, N.MR.04.27
4th Grade N.ME.04.21
4th Grade N.ME.04.21 and N.MR.04.21
4th Grade N.MR.04.22, N.ME.04.24, N.MR.04.26
5th Grade D.RE.05.01, D.RE.05.02, D.AN.05.03 5.G.3_5.G.4
5th Grade G.GS.05.02, G.GS.05.03, G.GS.05.07 5.NF.1 & 5.NF.2
5th Grade M.TE.05.08 and M.TE.05.09
5th Grade M.UN.05.04, M.UN.05.02 and M.PS.05.10
5th Grade N.FL.05.04, N.FL.05.05
5th Grade N.FL.05.04, N.FL.05.05, FL.05.06
5th Grade N.FL.05.14, N.MR.05.19
5th Grade N.FL.05.14a
5th Grade N.FL.05.14b
5th Grade N.ME.05.10
5th Grade N.ME.05.11
5th Grade N.ME.05.12
5th Grade N.MR.05.01
5th Grade N.MR.05.03
5th Grade N.MR.05.07
5th Grade N.MR.05.17
5th Grade N.MR.05.19
5th Grade N.MR.05.21
5th Grade N.MR.05.22
6th Grade A.FO.06.03, A.FO.06.05, A.FO.06.06, A.FO.06.07 6.EE.5, 6.EE.6, 6.EE.7
6th Grade D.PR.06.02
6th Grade M.UN.06.01
6th Grade N.FL.06.04 & N.FL.06.02
6th Grade N.FL.06.09
6th Grade N.MR.06.01, N.MR.06.03, N.FL.06.04, N.ME.06.06, N.ME.06.07
7th Grade N.FL.07.03 and N.FL.07.05 7.SP.7.a
7th Grade N.FL.07.08


Linear Rap by Rich Schlanderer and Rob Purgatori

Thank you!!

Linear Rap Song
Verse One:
To all the students that start to whine because they hate to graph a line
Allow me to help and begin with a slope and give you some hope
Slope is (m) and is the start of the equation
The flow of the graph, does it go up, does it go down
If you can figure it out, you’ll feel relaxed and go to town
Mad question askin’, line blastin’, axis passin’
But you just can quit
Because all of these slopes have more to deal wit
Fractions, that’s how ya see slope a lot
Rise over run, the line on the plot
Now check it, take the change in (y) over the change in (x)
Believe me students; two ordered pairs will get you there
No need to be worried, there’s not much more to know
If a line climbs up, the slope is positive
When the line drops down, then it’s negative
Look at the sign in front of the slope, you know which way the line go
I love it when I see a straight line drawn
To find a line’s true slope, use rise over run
I love it when I see a straight line drawn
Let (x) equal zero, y-intercept’s done
I love it when I see a straight line drawn
(M) equals the slope of the line, and you’re doing just fine
Now y = mx + b. Say it with me, it’s so easy, easy
Verse Two:
How you draw a straight line?
With precision and finesse
I use the formula that is the best
y = mx + b and it’s time to see
Just what that (b) seems to mean
On any graph we have two axis
(x) goes left to right, (y) vertically
(b) is the point where a line crosses (y)
Let’s take an equation and give it a try
y = x + 2, so what you got?
Count 1, 2 up the (y) & make a dot
Use rise over run, up 1 over 1
Draw a line, connect the dots, now you’re done


This is a wonderful Power Point Presentation to help you, your students and your parents understand the importance of Standard Configuration and Number Sense.

Thank you Tomi Long!!

Standard Configuration for Today’s Math Class Room (.pps file)


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